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Watching The Foxes In Charge Of The Henhouse

For those of you who don’t understand, Judges, Prosecutors, and Lawyers all belong to the Washington State Bar.

The WSBA is in charge of lawyer and prosecutor conduct. To date they have only went after 2 prosecutors, those 2 fought the system and they tried to destroy them for that.

Lawyers are rarely punished for their misdeeds, disgustingly enough they are often rewarded for their bad behavior. They are being led by abusers, pedophiles, thieves, and other miscreants.

So what happens when an attorney ruins your life through incompetence, or just plain ignorance is that you are supposed to be able to file a complaint with the WSBA. That rarely brings about any action and the WSBA hides all complaints they don’t do any discipline about.

With the possibility that the Bar is going to be handed over to the Supreme Court if HB 1788 passes which will eliminate the Bar Act then the lawyer discipline functions will be handed over to the same court. Then complaints will never see the light of day since the Supreme Court is not beholden to the Public Records Act.

What we are doing here is collecting and gathering complaints made by citizens that would otherwise not see the light of day. Keep in mind that none of what we write is intended to be legal advice, nor do we agree with all of the complaints but we will defend the public’s right to tell their story in their own words.

Please send any complaint you have made to the WSBA and their response to and we will publish them here so we can keep a comprehensive archive of bad actions that the public would not otherwise even be aware of.